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An Underlying Request for Affirmation

Reflections on our obsession with productivity

Jan 23, 2024

Only three weeks into the new year and I’m already exhausted. Could it be the dreary weather, the lack of sunshine and daylight? Or could it be the all-too-familiar “new year’s rush”? That sense of jumping on the bandwagon of creating goals and resolutions and intentions and then trying to stick to them without fail. Wanting to do all the things.

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Overflowing with Fresh Seedling

A new year’s ritual of mindful surrender

Jan 01, 2024

January 1st. It carries so much weight. So much pressure and expectation placed on it. Some carried over from last year. The older I’m getting, the less I make new year’s resolutions and instead, think of intentions I have for the year. What mindset do I want to approach the new year with? What energy do I want to bring into it?

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What No Longer Serves Us

Facing our shortcomings through the art of letter writing

Jan 18, 2023

There are many ways to ring in the new year. From old traditions passed down over time to new ones created for ourselves, we all have ways to welcome the beginning of a new 12-month cycle. One ritual that I have very recently begun implementing is writing a letter. To whom? A letter to anything that no longer serves me and that I want to let go of moving forward.

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Who We Wish to Become

A different take on New Year’s resolutions

Jan 11, 2023

The beginning of a new year is not unlike a grieving period. Some resisting the idea of the current year ending. Others angry about what was not accomplished or goals unmet. Many depressed about holidays and vacations coming to an end and their mundane routines starting up again. Until we all, grudgingly, begin to accept the realities that come with one year ending and another one beginning.

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