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Way, Way Grander Than Myself

Thoughts on life’s impermanence and leaving an impact

Feb 18, 2023

It was my first shiva gathering. Thursday night, 9 pm my time, on Zoom. I had no idea what to expect. A traditional ritual of Judaism, it is a mourning period for close relatives and friends where they come by and bring food, comfort the mourner, discuss the loss, and share memories.

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The Season of In-between

Oct 17, 2016

It is gloomy outside my window on this rainy afternoon. I open the blinds a little bit more to let the gray light in. Everything in the parking lot outside is soaked and dewy. What I’ve always loved about the rain is its cleansing effect — how it removes the accumulating dust and grime of the summer months. And then there’s the calm.

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The Long Lost Art of Digging Deeper

Sep 19, 2016

Whatever happened to depth? To profundity? Where have all the deep people gone? Buried beneath all the superficiality I imagine. (Pun intended). I love the way Mr. Foster phrases the above quote. It is indeed a “desperate need” of our times. Perhaps it’s the introvert in me that feels this way.

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