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A Salve on Wounded Hearts

Nurturing our gifts for a greater purpose

Jul 08, 2023

I feel too much. It’s a problem, really. But also, strangely, a gift. One I didn’t ask for. One I question more often than I should. Some days it takes the form of codependency. Other days it shapes into empathy and compassion. And frequently, it manifests as sensitivity. Whatever name I give it, its impact is the same—a heaviness in my chest, a strong desire to cry, a confinement of spirit, a disconnect from the present moment.

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How Are You?

Nov 14, 2016

No really, how are you? How are you right now, in this precious moment? Not on the surface, not in the ‘asking-the-cashier-at-checkout’ sort of way. But deep down, underneath the layers we pile on to keep ourselves safe and protected from the grievances of the world. How is the deepest part of you feeling?

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A Letter of Apology To All My Abandoned Creative Projects

Aug 30, 2016

Dear Abandoned Creative Projects: I’m sorry. There is so much more I want to say but it must begin with this. With an apology. You do not deserve to be abandoned, left to rot in a folder or thrown into the trash. That should not be your fate. I have no one else to blame for this but my own inconsistency, my lack of commitment, my distracted mind, and my loss of interest.

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